Deployment of Retractable Canopy at PIRL

Retractable Canopy at PIRL (Project Idea and Realization Lab)

This retractable canopy was designed by renowned architect Geoffrey von Oeyen with the wish to have it constructed out of sturdy sailing Yacht hardware and utilized in its deployment much in the same way as a racing yacht.

The poles (actual spinnaker poles) are 22′ in length and 24′ apart.

The canopy is made similar to that of a boat sail and rolls up (furls) on a Harken furler, as on a boat.

All blocks (pulleys) are stainless steel as well as all screws and bolts. The lines (ropes) are color-coded and matched and meet at their respective clutch (stopper) at the control pedestal.

The canopy provides shade for students for a comfortable and spacious learning area.

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